Top 5 things a Bash must have to be considered a "Bash"

Hello plus-size world, I did this very special blog post for all my Bashers, Bashettes, and most importantly people who are currently throwing Bashes or are considering throwing a Bash.  After a series of conversations with various people over approximately an 8 month span of time, these are the top 5 things people said they enjoyed at Bashes. These are the things people said are must haves in order to consider a Bash an actual Bash. To all the bash throwers and group owners this is no way meant to offend or put down any group in particular, I am simply speaking on the things people said they enjoyed.   

All the information is spoken about in the video below..... If you prefer to read I also took the time list the 5 things below the video.

I've been to a few bashes where people are wondering, where did the bash fee go?  With these top five things taken care of, I'm pretty confident that guests will leave feeling as if they had a good time and got their money's worth. 

1) Schedule of Events

Please have something besides the one or two night parties planned for us.  We would like the option of having something to do during the day.  A series of games and or mingling opportunists will do just fine. 

2) A Welcome Kit

When registering guests please provide us with a welcome kit that is inclusive of a schedule of events.  We want to know what is going on, when it is going on, and at what time everything is taking place.  Take this time to introduce yourself to your guests.  Yes most are familiar but some people are new to your event or just don't know you at all.  

3) Vendor Fair

A lot of different groups come out to lend support and/or just have a grand ole time.  At the same time group leaders and other Bash throwers would like the opportunity to inform people of their events.  A vendor fair will accomplish just that.  It will also provide a means for group leaders and Bash throwers to network and maybe even do joint endeavors.  The guests will also benefit by learning what other party and travel opportunities are out there.  This is the perfect time to hand out and exchange business cards etc. 

4) Pool Party!!!!!!

Yes yes yes, you may not think so but most of the people I spoke with stated that a pool party is a must.  Aside from a mixer, it is one of the best ice breakers and can/will set the tone for the whole stay.  People get to relax, look stunning, show off their swim gear, and just converse.  The Jello shots are flowing, music is bumping, and people are ready for what the weekend has in store.  Being that most Bashes are held at hotels, more often than not a pool is present... utilize it! 

5) Food, Food, oh and yeah... Food!!!

Food is a must, people aren't asking for 5 star dining options but they are asking for the bare minimum to be provided.  Water, pizza, even a sandwich or two.  Want to really seal the deal? offer some snacks throughout the day.  Again, most Bashes are held in hotels that are not on main road or in populous towns and with a lot of things closing at specific times guests are left hungry and to their own devices.  I'm pretty sure people wouldn't mind paying the extra 10 or 15 dollars to have the bare minimum included.