Shapely TV Ep. 4 | Fat & Active


Shapely continues to motivate and inspire in with this Fat & Active episode. The goal is not to get you to lose weight, but to get you moving. If you happen to lose weight in the process then kudos to you. We talk about getting started, staying motivated, how support helps, and how to keep it cute with fan favorite Mitsy. We also have two special guests sharing their stories. Keeping with tradition have another viewer of the month where one lucky viewer wins a Rock Your Rolls shirt.

Viewer of the month //

As stated in the video, we would like to thanks Jessica Lee for being so amazing, being such a good sport, and supporting the vision and mission of Shapely Events.  She can be found on instagram @jessie_leelee430 sporting her dope “Thick Chick” crop hoodie which you can find in the Shapely Shop.  Some of our favorites are below.  She is also in the Cocoa Beach Bash review you can access by clicking here or checking out our YouTube Channel

Get On The Show //

If you would like to be a guest on our show please contact us! We are always looking for plus size men and women that have something to say.  Interested in doing a segment? Do you have a talent? We would be happy to feature you. 

You can also contribute by offering your opinion, comments, and/or feedback.  We want to hear from you! Why? it warms our hearts to know that we have reached any one person in any one way. It also lets us know what we are doing right. Check out one of the comments left on our YouTube page, thank you Barbara J.