Here at Shapely, we love to collaborate with other brands that we feel are a good fit for our audience. We are currently looking to partner with event planners/hosts, sports & wellness brands, travel hosts, motivational speaking engagements, and various other companies and/or product developers that would love to reach our plus size audience. We are powered by our strong relationship with plus-size friendly groups and event planners. At Shapely, we make it easy for our visitors to keep their social life fresh by providing fun and friendly plus-size events. With our web series "Shapely TV", presence at various national and international events, event listings, and the forums/panels we host and/or speak on, your product will be seen before various audiences.

In the past we have partnered with the likes of Ashley Stewart, Plus Dimensions, Atlanta Starz, From Anneette With Love (owner of Fat Girls Travel), and many other brands. We’d love to chat more.