Mission: Our Fatty Friendly Day of Fitness campaign encourages everyone to become more active. Our goal is not to make you skinny or to try to turn you into a body builder; we would just like everyone to embrace the notion that you can be active at any size.  With a number of things plaguing the Plus-Size community such as mobility issues, a little bit of activity can go a long way which is why we teamed up with some of the most active people we know and bring this event to you.  This is a monthly event and the registration form below is for our Sunday October 18th event which takes place at 12 noon in Prospect Park. 

Although open to everyone, this event is geared toward Plus-Size men and women.  It can be difficult and intimidating working out at a gym where maybe not too many people can identify with you.  Well here we provide a comfortable environment with people like us who understand us. We will have people leading the hour long class that understand, are supportive, and are sensitive to your workout needs.  You will be able to move at your own pace and exercise to your capacity.  This is a no judgement zone designed to encourage, inspire, and motivate.  Join Us!

In order to attend this event PLEASE RSVP.    The RSVP process is simple.  Just fill out the form and hit submit.  

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By selecting yes and/or participating, you relieve Shapely Events and/or anyone acting under its auspices of any civil and/or criminal liability. You attest to the fact that you consulted a physician before performing this or any exercise program and are well enough to participate in the activities engaged in during the class. Should an injury occur, Shapely Events and/or anyone acting under its auspices will not be held responsible.


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