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For a clothing swap you will not want to miss.  Catering to Plus-Size women and men this, this is your opportunity to be done with the old and start with the new! Simply fill out the form below to reserve your spot. We've listed some things you should be mindful of at the bottom of the page.

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If you're a paid attendee your entrance and participation in the swap is free. If not admission is $20 USD. You can pay at the door with cash/ major credit card or you can pay directly though this site by clicking the add to cart button at the bottom of this page after you RSVP.
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Lesly Galletti


Iya Thomas

Things to be mindful of:

What are some ideal clothing swap items? Ideal items are new, like new, and or gently worn clothing and/or accessories.  No clothing with accidental holes, stains, rips, or tears will be accepted.

Should I bring accessories? Why of course. A nice bracelet, hat, or scarf would definitely bring an outfit to the next level.

What forms of payment are accepted at the door? Cash and/or major credit card.  If using a credit card a valid ID must be presented.

Will I be able to try on the clothes there? Yes, there will be mirrors so you can try on and see your look before swapping.

Will refreshments be served? Yes, light refreshments will be provided. 

What are some things I should consider when choosing clothing?  Ask yourself 1) does this fit? 2) Have I worn it in the last 12 months? 3) Is it likely that I will ever wear this again? 4) Is this currently in style, and/or does this still accurately represent my style? 5) If I was shopping right now would I buy this? 6) Do I feel comfortable wearing this?  If the answer to any of these questions is no, you may want to consider that item for the swap.

What is the specific address of the Sheraton Hotel where the swap is being held? The address and telephone number for the hotel is 125 Raritan Center Pkwy, Edison, NJ 08837, (732) 225-8300.

How do I attend the bash? For more information on attending the Big Beautiful Jersey Bash click here.

If you are not attending the Bash but want to participate in the swap how do you pay? RSVP by first filling out the form above then pay by clicking below.