Work It Wednesday 10.26.2016

This week's Work It Wednesday feature is the stylish and trend setting Yolette "Yo Yo" Hinds.  Team Shapely learned of Yolette and her movement at the Sip and Shop at Ashley Stewart in August of 2016 and we've been marveling at her work ever since.  Yolette creates and designs "Carnival" or "Mass" costumes for everyone but what makes her so special is that she also specializes in designing costumes for Plus Size men and women.  See some of her creations below.

Yolette had the same issues many of us have.  The carnival industry didn’t cater to the plus-size population.  Costumes for “us” were dull, boring, didn’t cover much, and were not very functional.  So what did she do? She started her own line and boy is it a sight to see. 

Yolette composes amazing pieces taking into account the plus size body.  She chooses stretchable fabric that moves with you.  Most of her pieces have some elasticity to them.  Her colors are vibrant, bold, and plentiful.  Her outfit choices are themed but still fully customizable.  This allows a group to look like a group while still allowing an individual to look like an individual, something that can be very hard to accomplish.  Her prices are very reasonable considering all work that is completed by hand as well as taking into account other market prices. 

You can find Yolette "Yo Yo" Hinds on:
Instagram: @bajangtgyal87

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