Work It Wednesday 06.29.2016

This week's Work It Wednesday feature is the very humorous and captivating Justin Harris.  Team Shapely first met Justin in Atlanta during one of our "Rock Your Rolls" forums and was impressed by how much he contributed to the forum and how well he was able to articulate a man's point of view.  The Florida Born/Atlanta Living rapper, singer, and songwriter is scribing the inconvenient truths of life through the only eyes he's ever known; his.

He's stylish, talented, and is a young man on the rise.   He's been featured on sites like and has Soundcloud and YouTube buzzing with the tracks like Pull Up and #SullivansFreestyle. Now we don't know if he's single or not (ladies you will have to ask him) but he is definitely worth getting to know.  Check out this week's eye candy...

Still want more? If you're in or plan on visiting the Atlanta area this weekend be sure to check him out.  He will be Live at Soul Bar June 30th from 6-10pm.  Soul Bar is located at 254 Aurburn Ave Atlanta, GA 30303. 

You can find Justin "Teddy" Harris on:
Instagram: teddy_harris3
To hear some of the hotness now listen below

Educated Hustlers | The System.

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