Work It Wednesday 01.27.2016

This week's Work It Wednesday feature is the very accomplished and outgoingMs. BBC.  Known as Ms. BBC or "Big Body Chick" this Ohio Native is taking plus-size scene by storm.  She is doing it big for the community with her smash song out, a published book, and her body positive messages. You can hear the song by clicking below.

Team Shapely first stumbled upon this renaissance woman by browsing through a slew of awesome instagram content. Her mission is to inspire others to be confident and love the skin they're in. She also stresses the fact that you don't have to be thin to be healthy.

Ms.BBC is the CEO of BBC Promotions LLC and also the founder of the very successful intimacy company "Body2Body Intimacy" where with her own line of intimacy products, she teaches sexual enhancement for self pleasure and intimacy in relationships. She has appeared on radio and television shows discussing sex, intimacy enhancement, and freedom of sexual expression.

Ms. BBCis also an author.  Beginning at a very young age, she knew she was capable of captivating people through her words and made it her goal to continue doing so with each project she delivers. She dedicated 15 years of her life to being a nail tech and natural stylist in and out of the beauty salon. She has used the experiences from such to write this book.
Being a self published author she believes once someone has read one of her books it will touch their lives from chapter to chapter.

Follow her on social media by visiting the following:
Twitter: @Ms.BBC

Want to purchase one of her books? Purchase Uglies Of The Beauty Salon: Special Edition by visiting .  You can also purchase it on Createspace at  Be sure to enter special code GXXU7BB5. 

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