The Body Positve Song "So What!" Gets Its Visuals

In June of 2019 Iya dropped an awesome feel good upbeat track titled “So What!”. The song was created to ignite a sense of confidence to anyone of size. The song’s focus was not to feed into the stereotypes people of size often face such as being lazy, overly greedy, and/or not confident in their own skin. With that came the video which set out to achieve the same thing. Attempting to be both as inclusive as possible and reflective of the plus-size community Iya has come to know and love, she made sure to 1) feature members of that same community and 2) utilize people that currently provide services to the community such as Franklyn Douglas of PB studios and Chris Davis of C. Davisions.

We are not the butt of anyone's joke. Let’s live out loud and if the haters have something to say... SO WHAT!

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Written & Performed By: Iya Thomas of Shapely

Produced By: Marcellus White of Kaya Mu$ik

Shot By:

Franklyn Douglas of PB Studios

Chris Davis of C Davisions

Iya Thomas of Shapely

Produced by:

Marcellus White of Kaya Mu$ik


Iya Thomas, Nicole Arriaza, Sharon Mendez, Michelle Couleé, Yolonda Manning, Nicole Annette P, Alyssa Castle, Pamela Moore, Ms. Jasmine, Jodi Marie, Cimberley Diaz, Yancy Blowe, Chris Jersey, Brooks Nelson, Zulema Gonzalez, Andre Watson, Kevin Devoe, Nicholas William, Tiffany Genon, Mandee M. Casey Momo.