New Year New You? No! New Year BETTER You!

Here at Shapely Events we would like to stress the fact that we enjoy each and every one of our supporters and don't want to focus on creating a new you, but instead focus on improving on the awesome you that already exists.  We all have things we can improve upon, goals we would like to achieve, and we have included a couple of articles in this e mail we hope will inspire you to do just that. 

Photo Of The Month //

We love to see photos of people in their Shapely Gear or at a Shapely Event.  @FatKidDanceParty really embodied the spirit of Shapely Events and the "Rock Your Rolls" campaign in this photo.  Our goal is always to provide access to fun activities and events where every "Body" was welcomed and every "Body" can feel comfortable.  Whether it be a 7 day vacation or a simple workout class, plus size people can enjoy life just as well if not better than the average.  Channel your inner rock star and live out loud,  Our Shapley gear will have you spreading the message of body positivity while doing it.  Want the shirt and/or something like it? Visit our Shapely Shop by clicking the button below.
To have a chance at having your photo featured in next month's campaign tag or @ us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram of you in your Shapely Gear embodying the "Rock Your Rolls" Spirit.

Let The Healing Begin //

In an effort to make ourselves better, we may need to start with some healing. We may all have some things we're searching for insight on, seeking closure on, or just need to feel better about.   See how this amazing woman's journey back to loving herself manifested to her helping others do the same. Here are a couple of articles from life coach Yomi we feel will give you the boost you need. 

Discovering Your Purpose

I have held many jobs. Some of them were entrepreneurial...

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One Day I Woke Up And Loved Myself.

One Day I Woke Up And Loved Myself.

Love is something that I knew how to give but had to learn to receive...

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You Gotta Be There //

Check out the events many are gearing up for this year.  Have an event you would like to list? Visit our list page. Listings starting at $12.

We Have The Arm Length For Any Weather //

Just because its the chilly season doesn't mean the Shapely Shop doesn't still have some awesome fashions.  Check out our long sleeve shirts, hoodies, and much much more by visiting the Shapely Shop

Shapely Caters //

Did you know Shapely Events now caters some of your favorite treats and adult themed beverages? You can find several of our Shapely Treats by visiting our catering page. With plenty of stock and custom options available, we will kick your event into high gear!