Top 4 Issues Plus-Size People Have With Jeans

Hello plus-size world! Denim jeans can and at most times are our best friend.  They accentuate our curves ever so lovely, they're rugged, should be comfortable, and we all have our "favorite" pair.  Other times, Denim jeans can be our worst enemy.  Why? Because sooner or later we face one of these issues below.

1. Crotch Rot - Some call it "Crotch Rot" and some call it "Chub Rub".  We call it a disaster as it has brought sudden death to many of my most glammed out pair of jeans.  No or inner thighs do not get hungry and eat our jeans and no there isn't any acid spewing out and corroding the crotch of our most beloved denim pants.  The most simple explanation is that when your thighs rub, so does whatever is between your thighs and in this case its your jeans.  The friction first causes little lint balls to develop then before you know it you can suddenly see glimpses of your inner thigh. 

Solution? You can purchase patches from a craft store like Michael's or by going online.  Place the patches (pictured below) on the inside of pant or where ever it is you thighs rub.  This gives an added layer of material and will spare you some embarrassment if your thighs attempt to make a run for it when you're in the middle of you daily activities. 

2. The Muffin Top - Oh this has been the center of so many jokes, music videos, and a bunch of songs.  But as jeans have a variety of cuts that shape our bodies differently, there tends to be some spillage over the hips and rump area.  If not covered correctly, chances are, you will be the center of a few jokes, stares, and even a point or two throughout the day.  

Solution? Well there are a few solutions to this problem.  One of the most obvious is losing weight. But until then you can: Buy high waist jeans - This is our favorite option as high waist jeans do a good job of holding everything in and smoothing everything out for a nice flat and sooth silhouette.  It also protects the showing of your spare tire when a gust of wind blows and your shirt clings to your body :-)
Wear a shaper/sincher - These are all the rave now a days, everyone is selling them.  You can get them in different designs, sizes, full (those come over your shoulder), half (the ones that only go around your waist), and everything in between.  The one problem with this is that the fat needs somewhere to go and more than likely the fat goes south leaving you with what we like to call "The Fanny Pack"
Spanx/Girdle - This is our second favorite option.  Instead of shifting fat like the shaper, Spanx and/or your favorite brand girdle has more of a holding in and smoothing effect.  This too comes in a variety of sizes and lengths for different articles of clothing.  And just like the high waist jeans, this also protects the showing of your spare tire when a gust of wind blows.

3. The Fanny Pack - Different people carry weight in different parts of their body, for some, it's the lower stomach.  This can cause the "Fanny Pack" look when wearing denim.  The Fanny Pack can also be caused by wearing a Shaper.  As mentioned earlier, it smooths out and sucks in so much of the upper body that more likely than not, the fat gets pushed down.  If not worn with a long enough shirt, this look can be unappealing to some. 

Solution?  Wear Spanx and/or your favorite brand girdle.  Also some full underwear or high waist underwear will further keep things nice and smooth.  If you cannot achieve your desired look without a shaper/sincher, then wear a full or high waist underwear with the shaper.  For the triple threat, you can wear your shaper, your girdle, and a full or high waist underwear.  With the triple threat, you may want to give yourself some extra time when going to the bathroom.  If you think it was tough getting on, wait until you have to get it off!

4. The Backspace - No, we're not talking about the keyboard button, we're talking about that space in the back of your jeans some people have when wearing denim pants.  As mentioned earlier, some people carry weight differently.  This problem tends to affect those that are a bit well- endowed in the buttocks area.  This can be a problem because if you just tighten it with a belt, all that extra material can cause a bulgy unflattering look.

Solution? There are plenty of plus size and plus size friendly clothing lines out there that create different cuts of jeans to fit different body types.  It is important to know what works for you and if you don't know you can always pop into a store like Lane Bryant, Torrid, Ashley Stewart, The Avenue, Forever 21, and Old Navy and try on their various cuts. One you know what works for you a whole world of online possibilities will open up and you can confidently shop at places like Asos Curve, Pop Up Plus, Monif C and other web based clothing companies. 

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