2018 Cocoa Beach BBW Bash..... Year of the VIBES!

Bash Recap //

The 15th Annual Cocoa Beach BBW Bash thrown by Plus Dimensions has once again come and gone.  Although it was a "Bad & Boujee" theme, we here at Shapely Events declared it the year of the VIBES! Why you ask? The spirit of good fun with good people was in the air all bash long.  There were a bunch of "newbies' this year and speaking with a good number of them, they all said they felt welcomed and would be coming back next year.  The tone was chill and sucker free.  Grab your drink, your sunglasses, suntan lotion, head to the pool, and have a mighty good time.  As Usual the bash was from Wednesday to Sunday with full out parties on the pier on Friday and Saturday nights. They even rolled out the red carpet...literally.  This year we put our collection of memories in a nice little video to which plenty of bashers participated in.   Again, there was such a wide variety of people in attendance that it was truly heartwarming.  To see everyone coming together under the premise of acceptance and actually be accepted, what more could you want?  If you remember, we previously wrote a blog post on the "Top 5 things a Bash must have" well this bash has them all which is why we plus so many in the plus size community deem it to be the SUPERBOWL OF BASHES.

Memorable Moments //

With Iya's creative vision and Franklyn Douglas' willingness to support a body positive cause and assit with executing that vision, we were able to shoot these two amazing photos. Special thanks to Lisa, Yolonda, Nicole, Angel, Jessica, & Cimberly.

Food, Food, oh and yeah... Food //

Included in your bash fee are breakfast, lunch, and dinner starting from Wednesday evening to Sunday morning respectively. Some of the meals included but were not limited to a BBQ truck, Sandwiches, Pizza, and Hot Dogs.  They had an enormous amount of snacks available throughout such as chips, cookies, veggies with dip, candies, etc.  They take hydration seriously and as such beverages were everywhere.  There was never a time we found ourselves thirsty without anything to drink.  It is important to note that on Friday and Saturday nights there's a more “formal like” buffet style dinner on the pier.  Of course if you don't like the selections provided you can always do your own thing which some people did.  There is also a Publix and a Liquor store in the shopping plaza within walking distance so you can stock up and keep some items in your room..

Keep checking back for more info on next year’s date.  Thanks for reading!

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