2017 Cocoa Beach BBW Bash..... What You Missed!

Bash Recap //

Well the Annual Cocoa Beach BBW Bash thrown by Plus Dimensions has come and gone.  If you missed it, you missed one hell of a 5 day party.  At every event, we try to figure out the overall "tone" and/or message.  This year we believe it was all about inclusivity. There was such a wide variety of people in attendance that it was truly heartwarming.  To see everyone coming together under the premise of acceptance and actually be accepted, what more could you want?  There were old people, young people, black, white and every shade in between.  Slim, thick, BBW, SSBBW and no one batted an eyelash.  None of those identifying factors existed.  Everyone was simply having a good time. If you remember, we previously wrote a blog post on the "Top 5 things a Bash must have".  Well let's start discussing how this bash set the standard.

1) Schedule of Events :

The schedule of events was jam packed and super duper fun.    One thing they did a little bit different this year was instead of Wednesday night room roaming parties, Theo's Party Promo hosted a "Bunny Party".  This was a good move and we recommend the same if not something like it at next year's event. Boredom did not exist, it did not live here.  Everywhere you turn, you had the option of doing something.......even if that something was doing nothing at all.

2) A Welcome Kit:

When registering, we were provided with our schedule, our voting cards, a little tote bag, and the lovely Rachel Catalan went around putting little goodie bags on people’s door knobs.  That was cute, thanks Rachel!

3) Vendor Fair :

A lot of different creatives were present this year.  One particular vendor had a slew of handmade bathing suites, bikinis, cover ups, and things of that nature.  I thought they were very creative. Our favorite has to be Skye's cups.  She personalized them as per your request.  The level of talent this young lady has is amazing.  Her group also won the Thursday Night Room Roaming Party. 

Since there isn't glass permitted int he pool, Skye hand decorated these mugs comparable to "Yeti" mugs....  Awesome Skye!

Since there isn't glass permitted int he pool, Skye hand decorated these mugs comparable to "Yeti" mugs....  Awesome Skye!

4) Pool Party:

The pool parties were Lit! The Shapely Team spent most of their time in the pool where there were water guns and lots of alcohol to say the least lol.  Take that, some dope music being played by some of the hottest DJs, then throw in about 350 people and you will have a hell of a good time!  There were a slew of pool parties thrown by different Body Positive groups such as Team THIK and Living Large Chicago.  The parties were so poppin that even when things were supposed to be over, the DJs appeased the crowd and kept on rocking sometimes as much as an hour or two past time. Of course you had the Shapely Team hosting the Flip Cup competition and that was a blast as always. Check out the pix below.

5) Food, Food, oh and yeah... Food!!!:

Included in your bash fee are breakfast, lunch, and dinner starting from Wednesday evening to Sunday morning respectively. Some of the meals included but were not limited to a BBQ truck, Sandwiches, Pizza, and Burgers.  It is important to note that on Friday and Saturday nights there's a more “formal like” buffet style dinner on the pier.  Of course if you don't like the selections provided you can always do your own thing which some people did.  There is also a Publix and a Liquor store in the shopping plaza within walking distance so you can stock up and keep some items in your room.

Bash Highlight:

Watching Cody win "Bash King".  Before they could even announce the winner, the whole party began chanting his name.... "Cody, Cody, Cody, Cody"! The level of affection and acceptance was infectious and it was definitely a tear jerking moment.   Cody worked so hard and overall is just an awesome guy to know.  Hats off to you Cody, well deserved win.  Also the photo team lead by Franklyn Douglas was amazing and captured every moment.  Awesome Job guys.


Cody Battle | 2017 Bash King | Photo Credit: PB Studios


To sum things up, should you go to next year's bash? Yes. Why? Because it’s an experience for the history books. This year there was just so much love, comradery, and acceptance.  Great way to spend five days. 

Important things to note: Although this blog posts speaks of a five day stay, you do not have to stay the full five days.  Usually starting on a Wednesday night, some people come in on Thursday and Friday nights as well. 

With so many photographers on deck, most of them have private sessions or “mini shoots” at an affordable price. Bring your favorite outfit and take some killer shots that will last a lifetime.

Keep checking back for more info on next year’s date.  Thanks for reading!

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