We tried Charlotte Russe's Plus-Size Line!!!

The Shapely Team tried on Charlotte Russe's plus-size line.  Like with anything, there were some looks that worked, and some that didn't.  Some looks look better on some body types as opposed others.  Judge for yourself by watching the video.  We welcome your feedback. 

It is important to note that we did not wear any "Spanx" or shapewear.  We tried on the clothing with typical undergarments.  The goal was to give an honest review so you can see how the clothes will actually look on the "everyday" plus-size woman allowing you to have a good idea of how it would fit your body type.

Overall, WE LIKED IT!! One thing to be mindful of is that the sizing is inconsistent so please try everything on before leaving the store and save yourself the trip back to return and/or exchange.  The looks are fun, trendy, and classy.  We will definitely be adding Charlotte Russe to the list of stores we like!!

Fave Looks By Blogger //

Iya was definitely a fan of the sweatshirt dress.  More of a sporty girl, this look is right up her alley. 

Toya was a fan of the lace dress.  So much so, that she called out the Kardashians to match her swag lol.

Aneshah was a fan of the boyfriend skinny jean citing how difficult it is to find a boyfriend cut jean that is flattering on a curvy woman and covers the backside.  She also loved the v neck boyfriend tee stating that it was comfortable and wearable for long days.

Now that you're in the know, take a trip to Charlotte Russe and see for yourself.  Charlotte Russe, we would love it if you gave your plus size line more visibility.  The clothing is in the back corner of the stores (we put stores because we visited two), and there are no plus size mannequins or styles on display in the windows.  

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