Looking for a Plus size friendly resort? Breathless has you covered!

Shapely Founder Iya, embarked on a week long vacation to the beautiful island of Jamaica. When deciding where to stay, it can seem like one has endless options however, in the back of our minds we are constantly wondering, will we be comfortable? As I sifted through the pile of options, the one thing i mainly looked for is spacing. It is my belief that you can tell by the layout of a place, whether it will be tight or whether you’ll have place to breathe (pun intended). Breathless did more than that, it literally took my breath away. I’ve been to resorts where i didn’t feel comfortable sitting in the restaurants because the chairs didn’t feel quite sturdy enough and i’m currently a size 18/20. When I walked in to the resort the first thing i noticed was the spaciousness, the ultra modern decor, and the awesomely welcoming staff.

Just when I thought my eyes had opened as far as they could, I walked into my room and was uhhhh-mazed. They had decorated my door for my birthday, had cake & champagne waiting, plus I got to walk away with a nice free bottle of Appleton rum. What a deal! the video below is inclusive of my walk through of my unit.


  • Resort is in very close proximity to the city center. Approximately a 15 minute drive. It was super easy to get to Reggae Sumfest and back.

  • Spacious layout, furniture, and units.

  • All units have Jacuzzi tubs on the balcony.

  • The shower units had a bench in the shower. You can select from rainfall mode, hand held mode, or both. It also has a shade that comes down for privacy.

  • 24 Hour room service. An abundance of food that caters to a variety of palates.

  • Technologically advanced resort. You can control most if not all things simply by tapping your resort provided tablet. You can even close the blinds and dim the lights via the tablet.

  • If you’re staying at Breathless, you have unlimited access to the two other all-inclusive resorts on the same property. Secrets St. James and Secrets Wild Orchid. I did visit the two other resorts to go to the beach and the dining halls but spent most of my time at Breathless. It was so awesome I didn’t really feel the need to leave our property.

  • So many relaxing and romantic dining options within the Breathless dedicated property and at the Secrets property which you also have access to.

  • The all-inclusive drinks are actually good. I’ve been to resorts where they are awful and use cheap liquor.

  • Room service is prompt, cleaning personnel are attentive, and the staff overall are very friendly to guests.

  • Resort is well maintained, very clean, and had an abundance of entertainment.


  • Because they cater to all palates, you do not get Jamaican authentic cuisine all the time (although I must say that did not really bother me, it bothered my guests). I did find myself going off the resort for street food a couple of times during my stay. They did have Jerk chicken available all day however it wasn’t grilled in the manner that’s authentic to the region. Was still tasty though.

  • There is not a beach on the breathless side. If you want to go to the beach it’s a short 5-minute walk over to the Secrets side which has a dedicated beach for Breathless guests. You can either cross the road, hitch a ride with the friendly staff, or go via the bridge that connects two of the three properties on the grounds.

I hope you enjoyed the review of my stay at Breathless all-inclusive resort in Montego Bay Jamaica. Feel free to leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.