Work It Wednesday 08.19.2015

This week's Work It Wednesday feature is the very stylish and easy on the eyes Kelvin.  Kelvin is a 27 year old father and husband who knows a thing or two, or maybe even three about fashion.  His looks are very well put together and best thing about it is, he provides you with all the information needed for you to put these looks together yourself. 

 " As an Artist I view fashion as an outlet. It is one’s way of expressing themselves to the world. Your body is the blank canvas and your clothes are the medium. Whether it be the shirt, pants, shoes or accessories worn; the outfit is the art making process and the interpretation is left to the viewer." - Kelvin

 You can find him on instagram @notoriouslydapper.  You can also view his website with all his daily looks and where you can get them by clicking

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