Eff Your Beauty Standards

Photo: Ryan orange

Photo: Ryan orange

You have to love plus-size model, Tess Holliday's kick ass attitude. If you don't know who she is then allow me to introduce you to the biggest model ever signed by a top agency (UK-based MILK). However, that was in January of this year and now Tess is shaking up social media through her #EffYourBeautyStandards hashtag that she created when dealing with online bullies who would trash her images.

With over 800,000 Facebook fans and 600,000 Instagram followers. The Pasadena bread, Tess has become a major influencer in the plus-size community. As reported in LA Weekly:


"Plus-size fashion bloggers are really changing things in the industry, but plus models haven't been as progressive," she says. "We're hangers and we wear what companies tell us to wear. The reason I'm different is I have my own style and I do what I want and share that."  - Tess Holliday

Usually rocking a pin up style in her photos, Tess does not match up with a world that thinks a size 10 is plus-size. Through staying true to herself and comfortable in her own skin Tess is changing the plus-size fashion world.  Although the #EffYourBeautyStandards hashtag receives tons of contributions through social media with positive body-confidence images. Tess plans to create a website and take the campaign to the next level. This mother and bride to be is done with living with other people's fears. As she says, "People put their fears on others. Just because you're afraid of being fat, don't put that on me. I'm not recruiting people to be fat. I'm just existing in this body and I've found a way to love it."

Like #EffYour BeautyStandards, Shapely Events created the Rock Your Rolls movement. We hosted our very first seminar earlier this month and will be hosting another in August. More details to come so please visit our site daily for updates. Meanwhile, you can shop the Rock Your Rolls look by clicking here. I hope this article inspires both our male and female readers to also find a way to love your own bodies. Stay positive.

 This article was originally reported on LA Weekly, check it out here.